I accept mural commissions for museums on a case by case basis. My specialty is combining attention to scientific details with compelling realism with a convincing sense of space and light to transport the viewer into the time and place you are interpreting. Because each exhibit situation is different, I work closely with your designer to best illustrate the habitat you are portraying. In addition to work for institutions, I am available for commissioned murals and paintings for private clients.
Please contact me for further information.

Selected Murals:

Northwest Florida: Waterways and Wildlife, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida. Habitat Mural around Marianna Cave reproduction showing floodplain and limestone bluff. Mural image shown above.

Carniverous Plant Bog Habitat Background (shown on detail photos in link to the museum’s website)

Salt Marsh Habitat Backgound

South Florida People & Environments

Mangrove Habitat Mural (360 degree surround mural), Florida Museum of Natural History

Underwater Larger than Life (habitat background), Florida Museum of Natural History

Calusa Fishing Diorama (minature, background painting), Florida Museum of Natural History

Butterfly Rainforest (Interpretive Panel Design), Florida Museum of Natural History

Canoe Mural – 8 x 20′ canvas mural of a Timucuan Scene behind the dugout canoe: Matheson Museum, Gainesville, FL.